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Muswell Hill

Engagement shoot at Alexandra Palace north London

Alexandra Palace Engagement Shoot, for 2023 Engagement season!

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Well, they tell us that now is the traditional time after Christmas and heading through New Year that those of us in the wedding world call “Engagement Season.” So here’s a recent Alexandra Palace engagement shoot landing on the blog.

Alexandra Palace engagement shoot, couple walk through leaves

Apparently now is the time the vast majority of couples pop the big question to each other and then providing the answer is positive (!!!) planning for the big day begins in earnest.

Engaged couple in front of blue doors Alexandra Palace wide shot

M and J live in Buckinghamshire and it’s very near their homes in Bletchley they are getting married, with a wedding reception to follow in Milton Keynes. J is English and M is Brazilian and bizarrely as I (David) found on on the shoot, J and I used to work in the same company many moons ago. Small world 🙂

Couple sat on log Alexandra Palace engagement photo shoot

And that’s one of the great things about engagement shoots: everyone gets to know each other a bit better. It certainly helps some couples relax a little ahead of the big day to find out how friendly and relaxed we are.

Alexandra Palace engagement couple by graffiti

Having said that, it’s only about thirty percent of couples that take up our offer of a complimentary engagement shoot that comes as standard in our Elegance and Platinum Plus packages, both found here: Pricing – Creative London Wedding Photographers Big Day Weddings (

couple walking together Alexandra Palace engagement shoot

If you’ve seen any of our other engagement shoot blog posts you will know that it is David that pretty much does all of these on his own, unless of course it’s a longer and more involved shoot say in central London with a couple that may have flown in just for the experience. Yes people really do that! A quick look on Google will tell you how happy people are with us 🙂

Couple on steps Alexandra Park and Palace shoot

What’s great about Alexandra Palace engagements shoots, apart from the fact we used to live right next to it, and our children went to school nearby in Muswell Hill, is the variety the building and surrounding park offer.

Forever Yours Alexandra Palace engagement shoot

It has water, woodland, views, gardens, interesting architecture, and plenty of characters wandering around too. The thing is knowing what works visually and what doesn’t, getting people relaxed and understanding light and camera technique to get the best out of an engagement shoot. And on top of that being able to do it with energy, a smile, gentle direction, and guaranteed results every time.

Couple by grafitti Alexandra Palace engagement shoot photo

Things is when it’s your career, when you love what you do, when you always want to create something fresh and engaging: it’s a pleasure.

Couple by tree Alexandra Palace engagement photo shoot

Engagement shoot on steps by Alexandra Palace London

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Engaged couple in front of blue doors Alexandra Palace

Engagement shoot at Alexandra Palace north London

By David Green

Engaged couple pose by tree at Alexandra Palace

Another fun engagement shoot at North London’s Alexandra Palace and grounds

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Whenever we do an engagement shoot we are looking to achieve several things. Firstly we want to get to know our future wedding couples a little better. We want to find out what they like, don’t like and generally what “makes them tick.”

Engagement shoot couple stand by Alexandra Palace grafitti wall

Secondly we want to get them used to being photographed and realise how painless in the right hands that actually is! As a natural byproduct of this they will get some great photos of themselves together, without having to hand their smart phone to a stranger to get that shot.

London based couple kiss inside stone circle photo

Lastly we like to have a bit of fun as the title of this post says. A little bit of humour and light heartedness goes a long way to capturing relaxed and spontaneous images.

With Ashley and Paul I photographed this engagement session on my own at Alexandra Palace. I know the area very well, it is where I met Joanna, and also where I had a house just behind the iconic building itself on Dukes Avenue.

Kissing shot under arches of Alexandra Palace

It was quite a bright and windy day so I looked for areas of open shade and some kind of wind shielding to help with the look of the photos. All the time we were watched by a gaggle of local and curious squirrels, not to mention the prowling geese around the boating lake!

London Engagement shoot on the steps of Alexandra Palace

Needless to say we all got on very well and really enjoyed the session together. We took in the lake, trees, playground architecture, graffiti and of course elements of Alexandra Palace itself.

You can read about another recent session I did in Muswell Hill here: Engagement Shoot at London’s Alexandra Palace in Muswell Hill

Faded image of couple kissing by Alexandra Palace lake

After the engagement shoot we were all feeling peckish so we went for a light lunch together by the boating lake. I don’t always go for coffee or food after a pre wedding session, but it just felt right after the fun we had all had together.

Engagement couple smiling at boating lake

A couple of weeks later and Joanna and I travelled to Hampton for Ashley and Paul’s fantastic wedding day which we wrote recently about here on the blog: Hampton Court House Wedding Photographers

Kissing outside Hampton Court House

As a footnote I love to receive emails like the one Ashley and Paul sent to us afterwards which reads as follows:

“Hi David, Lovely to see you today. Both Paul and I left on a high, and feeling that we DEFINITELY have the right photographer for the day :)”

By David Green