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Stationers Hall wedding shot in central London

London Stationers Hall Wedding Photography

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One enduring memory that will stay with us from Alex and Kwame’s wedding day, is the sight and sound of them, newly married and full of love, singing and dancing down the aisle with all their friends and family. It certainly was a great ceremony in south London ringing with the sound of laughter and song, and conducted by a fantastically charismatic clergy.

Bride prepares for her wedding at Stationers Hall

We met the couple in 2014 to talk about their wedding day and begin the planning, which would start with Alex getting ready at her mothers house in Streatham. She would then get picked up by a traditional London white wedding cab, and make her way to the New Testament Assembly in Tooting.

Wedding couple with flowers in Holborn

Meanwhile Kwame would be there with his groomsmen overseeing the final touches before the big arrival of his bride.

Makeup being applied to bride before her London wedding day

Alex walked down the aisle to a fantastic solo performer singing a special song for her arrival, creating very memorable moments for all. The ceremony was upbeat, musical and joyous, and a fitting celebration of the couple’s faith and cultures.

Bride comes down the aisle in London church

After our time at the church the wedding party made their way to the reception venue at central London’s Stationers Hall near St Paul’s Cathedral. In the outside courtyard there everyone enjoyed complimentary drinks and a variety of pre wedding breakfast nibbles.

First kiss for husband and wife at South London Ghanian wedding ceremony

The Stationers has been a city of London company since before the great fire of London in 1666. Unfortunately like most of the centre of the capital its buildings were destroyed by the blaze. However by 1670 work had begun on restoring the buildings and hall to the fantastic structures we see and enjoy today. The main entrance is featured as the first wedding image on this post, with the couple canoodling in front of their Hackney carriage.

Dancing down the aisle at a London wedding ceremony image

While the wedding party had a chance to enjoy the history of the reception venue, we took half an hour to shoot some quirky and also some traditional wedding portraits of the couple in the surrounding area, and taking in Holborn too. As usual we had plenty of relaxed fun, and that as always was reflected in the final photos.

Bride and groom hold hands outside their wedding in central London

Technique and experience is essential in wedding photography, but so are people skills. If you do not engage with your subjects whoever they may be, then you will struggle to create “engaging” photos of them. Especially in a small time frame in public places.

Phone boxes and bride and groom in Smithfield Market London

Fashion photographers have it easy, compared to wedding photographers, despite what they may tell you. We know we have done plenty of both!

Photo of wedding couple near Farringdon Station

Back to Stationers Hall we shot a mixture of reportage and some requested family photos. Dining took place in the fantastic main hall, followed by speeches, dedications and the cutting of the wedding cake.

Ghanian wedding couple pose near London Stationers Hall

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By David Green

Camden wedding couple in London graphic

Camden Town Hall Wedding, then Bounce near Hatton Garden, and reception by Camden Lock

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When we first met Danielle and Chris we knew their wedding would be especially fun and interesting. Both had great personalities, which their wedding would reflect, and they really wanted to make their special day memorable, not just for themselves but also their guests. We think they were first attracted to myself and Joanna for our sense of fun and originality in our wedding shots, which we would describe as a mixture of documentary, fashion inspired and quirky. It is no coincidence that the couples we photograph look relaxed and happy in their images, if they didn’t we would definately blame the photographer!

wedding celebrations at Camden Town Hall

I secretly gave Danielle ten extra brownie points for coming from Yorkshire (just kidding) and was immediately prepared to overlook the fact that Chris was a life long West Ham fan (once again only kidding, so are some of my friends, oh well…)

couple laughing in Hatton Garden marriage pose

They told us that on the day of their wedding they would have a secret magical mystery tour for their guests before the reception. This would lead them to the Bounce venue in Holborn which was apparently the birthplace of the game Ping Pong, also known of course as table tennis.

Groomsmen before wedding ceremony in Camden Town Hall

The day began with Joanna documenting Danielle’s preparations at the Holiday Inn in Camden Lock, which was also to be the venue for the wedding breakfast and reception in the evening. I meanwhile hung out in the pub with Chris and the boys at O’Neills across the road from Camden Town Hall, as they prepared for the big day ahead. Tough life. I say prepared, because this seemed to involve the consuming of various drinks and generally having a good time, so wise men indeed then!

Bride walking down the aisle Camden wedding ceremony

We love Camden Town Hall weddings as we used to live nearby and two of our children’s births are registered there. It’s also a pretty nice venue to get hitched in. Danielle arrived in a fantastic vintage American car, the kind I could image Elvis travelling around in no problem.

Hatton Garden safety deposit wedding job 1

After the ceremony and some group photos the newly weds exited the town hall to a sea of bubbles, three times no less, I think it was a West Ham thing, and it was a great moment.

wedding couple on steps of Bleeding Heart Yard

A London route master bus was on hand to take the wedding party to Holborn and Bounce the ping pong venue, for a couple of hours of competitive table sporting fun.

wedding reception shot outside Bounce venue London

After a while we snuck off with Danielle and Chris to shoot some photos around Holborn and the Hatton Garden jewellery quarter round the corner. We couldn’t resist some images in front of the now infamous Hatton Garden Safety Deposit company, and then headed to Bleeding Heart Yard which I knew from taking Joanna on our anniversary there for a very nice French meal. Bleeding Heart Yard has a rather gruesome history, so maybe it’s best if I don’t mention it, and if the reader is interested then google will reveal all.

newly weds in front of London roller doors Camden

posing against wall on London wedding day

On your wedding day walking around the streets of London shows that Londoners love a wedding couple with all the congratulations and quips they give. One of my favourite moments from this walkabout was when a local Jewish jeweller humorously tried to sell Chris another couple of wedding rings, candid photo and Danielle’s reaction attached.

wedding fun in Hatton Garden

From Bounce the home of ping pong, everyone was transported to the Holiday Inn at Camden lock for a drinks reception, and then the wedding breakfast. DJ and MC duties were handled by excellent host Mark from Mighty Fine Entertainment, who also provided the illuminated Love letters. Check them out here, they are worth it: Mighty Fine Entertainment

couple in doorway Hatton Garden

I went to the top of the Holiday Inn and leaned over the balcony for the whole wedding party shot you can see below as everyone made their way to Camden Lock bridge which was fun. There were also plenty of close up versions too.

whole wedding party shot on Camden Lock bridge

The wedding crowd were a great lot, a good combination of North meets South that we particularly enjoyed being around.

Bride by Love sign light at Camden wedding Holiday Inn

laughter in a London alleyway photo

All in all a great day, and we wish Danielle and Chris and their families all the very best for the future.

couple by graffiti in Camden on their wedding day image

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By David Green