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St Albans Registry wedding couple run past wall image

St Albans Registry Office Wedding photographers

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When you book your St Albans Registry Office wedding photographers, you may or may not know you are booking one of the most unique and also famous buildings not just in Hertfordshire, but the entire UK.

St Albans Registry office wedding venue

Bride arrives at St Albans Registry wedding

I (David) thought that seen as we’ve/I’ve worked at this lovely venue now about ten times that I really should write something about it. If nothing else to be a heads up for anyone considering it for their wedding ceremony.

St Albans registry wedding ceremony 2

St Albans registry wedding ceremony crowd laughing

I love a bit of history and this place has it in spades! St Albans is a beautiful town, a jewel as far as I’m concerned in Hertfordshire, and I often find any old excuse to go shopping there, usually on a Sunday with the family. It was an important Roman settlement and among many other places of interest has a stunning cathedral and grounds, not to mention a brilliant comedy festival in the park.

St Albans wedding couple by wall hand in hand

The registry office itself was the governor’s residence for what was formerly St Albans prison. The prison itself opened in 1867 and closed at the beginning of the first world war. The entrance gate and outer walls still exist, along with of course the part used for the registry office. I love to use those old walls whenever I can in the time I have before heading off to reception venues. The doors to the registry were famously used in the 1974 much loved BBC comedy series “Porridge” starring Ronnie Barker, as the entrance to the fictional Slade Prison. Note the camera phone selfie with myself and the wedding party towards the end.

Wedding couple walk past St Albans registry walls wide shot

Wedding couple walk past St Albans registry walls

I’ve chosen to show my most recent visit as a St Albans Registry Office wedding photographer to be the focus of this blog post. This was a Saturday and my lovely couple were N and R tying the knot officially before their summer wedding in Cyprus. Unfortunately I was already booked on that particular date 🙂

Bride and groom laugh by St Albans Registry doors

I was as usual there in good time to refresh my memory of the venue and to look where the light was best for pics, this is something I ALWAYS do. It doesn’t matter how often you do a venue, one way or another it is different every time.

Wedding couple kiss at St Albans Registry office gates

Bride and groom sit on stone bench St Albans Registry wedding

N and R arrived in separate cars and it soon became apparent there had been some crossed wires and the bridal bouquet and confetti had been left at home by mistake! Good news though that the ever helpful, and I have to say really friendly registrars at St Albans, had an emergency bouquet to hand, which I rather liked anyway 🙂

St Albans Wedding Registry couple in gardens

This was a very intimate wedding, the couple and four guests including one best man and his partner, one sister and the bride’s best friend.

St Albans Registry Office Wedding couple sat on bench in groundsBride and groom by canon St Albans Registry wedding day

Once the ceremony was done and everyone had a good cry, I took N and R around the grounds (admittedly rather small). I made sure to get plenty of the old prison walls and doors in their shots. Plus a very well preserved 1840 siege canon that imposing sits at the front of the registry office.

Wedding couple together at St Albans Registry office


Wedding couple pose by canon at St Albans Registry Hertfordshire

Although I visit a great variety of venues as a London and Home counties wedding photographer, I’m really looking forward to returning to St Albans registry in the near future!

Big Day Weddings selfie St Albans Registry Office

By David Green

Oh and here’s our lovely couple, and Ronnie Barker leaving from the same spot (blurry BBC image)

Bride and groom at St Albans Registry gates

Ronnie Barker Porridge St Albans Registry gates

St Albans Registry wedding couple run past wall image

Bride and groom at Aldwickbury golf wedding

Aldwickbury Park Wedding Day

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Bride at Elstree Hilton wedding image

Here’s a post about David’s time with Appy and Dan at their Aldwickbury Park Golf Club wedding day. You can see what they thought in the Google review at the end 🙂

Now imagine you plan your ideal day as these guys did, you look around and fall in love with a particular venue and it has everything you are hoping for. You imagine yourself and your guests there having the time of their lives. You see yourself in the grounds spending time with everyone including your photographer. In your mind’s eye it is probably a lovely sunny and warm day with perhaps a gentle cooling breeze.

First kiss Aldwickbury golf wedding ceremony

What happens then when it’s cold, windy and wet almost the whole day? Do you let it ruin your dream? Maybe for some it does impact them.

But for Appy and Dan and certainly David, we were all determined to get the very best out of the day. In these images you can’t feel the cold or the strong winds. You can’t see the rain in the background of some of the shots. And you wouldn’t realise that when we did get outside we had literally moments at a time between showers!

Harpenden wedding couple walk on golf course Aldwickbury

David is very very experienced with all things wedding, and has seen every weather condition, and a hundred and one different approaches and emotions that come out on such a big day. If you read the reviews about us all over Google and some of the listing sites, you will soon see how delighted people are with our approach whether it sun rain or shine. When you love people and their wedding days, putting the technical side of things to one side, it’s easy!

Wedding couple laugh at Aldwickbury golf club Harpenden

Our day started at the Hilton DoubleTree Elstree where both bride and groom were getting ready separately, so there was time to get each of their preparations and some shots around the hotel. Then it was time to drive to Aldwickbury  Park Golf Club for the ceremony and reception.

Aldwickbury park golf club wedding couple by fountain

The staff at Aldwickbury were great, friendly and efficient too.

Wedding coule under veil Harpenden wedding day

Despite the weather a great time was had by all that’s for sure!

Aldwickbury park golf club wedding couple

First dance Aldwickbury golf course wedding reception

Here’s  a transcript of Appy and Dan’s Google review shown in the screen grab below:

“I have no words left, its more then what I expected. The photos and expressions that you captured were amazing. We were very upset with the weather on our big day and thought we won’t get good photos, but you did an excellent job. We can see your efforts and hard work. We both are very happy with your services. I will definitely recommend people/friends for your services. We are soo glad we met you David, you are the best wedding photographer. Excellent photography. You made our day.”

Response from the owner

“Apexa and Daniel, thank you so much for your review. It was a fantastic day, and although it was cold windy and wet we all made sure love and laughter blew all that away. I could see the special bond between you and made that my goal to shine through in every image. Wishing you and your families the very best for the future. David and Joanna”

Big Day Weddings Google review Aldwickbury Park Golf wedding 2