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Lorna and Andy booked us as their South Farm wedding photographers almost two years before their big day, so we had plenty of time to get to know them a little better and plan our approach. Sometimes I feel that couples when they find us on an internet search think that we only specialise in Central London as we feature it heavily, but actually although we naturally love the capital, a great deal of our work is also around the home counties too. Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex are counties we are frequently photographing in and there aren’t many venues that we don’t have previous experience with.

Bride in bridal suite at South Farm wedding

What we love about South Farm is the fact that they have really understood the value of having a variety of locations for the elements of a wedding day. They have a dedicated bridal suite and rooms for the groomsmen, and a fantastic main house, but that’s just the beginning. There are beautiful and various crafted gardens, authentic attractions like their vintage painted Romany and Showman’s caravans, and separate spaces for ceremony, reception and dancing.  The old Tudor barn is particularly great to host the evenings’ celebrations. While there are outside and inside spaces for the ceremony depending on preference and the weather of course. There are also areas incorporated from the working farm itself, and for bride and groom they can meet the baby piglets too, more on that later…

Bride and father in aisle at South Farm wedding ceremony

Our coverage began with Lorna’s bridal prep in the dedicated suite, and Andy and best man in the groomsmen’s rooms. As usual I (David) flitted between everyone and everything, good exercise! October allowed the couple to plan for a halloween theme too, so it was fun to see all the pumpkins lining the aisle as I made my way through room after room documenting all the time and effort the couple had put into their preparations. That’s one of the main jobs of a wedding photographer to take a permanent quality record of those important little and big touches, as well as all those magic people moments too.

Bride and groom by caravan at their South Farm wedding

Particularly moving for me was seeing Lorna’s father push through the discomfort of some mobility issues to  join her half way down the aisle and lead her to Andy. Priceless forever moments.

South Farm Royston Cambridgeshire photo

A lovely heart felt ceremony was followed by confetti and a drinks reception with plenty of entertainment provided by remarkable magician Lee  Smith. He personally showed me a couple tricks later in the day and I was quite literally astounded – highly recommended.

Couple hold hands at South Farm wedding in sunlit doorway

We used this time to take the couple around the venue for some shots just of themselves. I particularly enjoyed the farm part, and I will always remember this particular South Farm wedding day for the “accident” one of the little piglets had on Lorna’s wedding dress! I was tempted to include a photo of that but… Anyhow a wet wipe and Lorna’s good humoured approach made sure that wasn’t a big issue for the rest of the day.

Couple laugh in doorway South Farm wedding

We do a great variety of weddings in many different venues, but one thing that really struck me was how well South Farm has catered for a couple’s big day, from facilitates and locations, to the great attitude of the staff. I’m personally really looking forward to returning there soon. Next time I would like to see one of my good friends in the wedding business Martin Family of Special Occasion Videos working along side us as he has many times, and I know he is very experienced at South Farm.

Bride and groom head to head in South Farm wedding summer house

The evening itself was rounded off with the wedding breakfast in the Tudor Barn, and dancing and boogying in the beautifully restored Horse Barn complete with impressive partial glass floors.

A lovely memorable day all round for everyone concerned.

By David Green

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