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There is something about photographing at a place like Pembroke Lodge that no matter how hard you are working, it still feels like a trip out! That may have something to do with the fact that Joanna and I used to go there on our quest for the ultimate London cappuccino experience, long before we photographed a Pembroke Lodge wedding. Although the lodge remains a public treasure your wedding will still have a private and special feel. First floor rooms will be reserved and a beautiful section of the lawn area to the side of the house will be available for drinks, canapes and photos.

Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer

The Lodge was originally a one bedroom cottage in Richmond Park which was developed over time into the fine Georgian mansion we see today. It was given by Queen Victoria to then Prime Minister Lord John Russell in 1847. It has hosted many historical and famous figures from Gladstone and Palmerston, to world renowed authors Charles Dickens and Lewis Carroll. For the past fifty years or so it has been available for wedding days. Civil ceremonies and receptions can be hosted in either Russell Suite upstairs for small to medium size weddings, with the alternative Belvedere seating up to 140 on the ground floor.

wedding car at Pembroke lodge

We think a Pembroke Lodge wedding is always going to have a little bit of everything: a historic classically featured Georgian venue with internals to match. Varied grounds that can also include Richmond Park London’s largest at two thousand three hundred acres. Spectacular long range views over the Thames valley, and pretty nice cappuccino on tap at the wonderfully situated tea rooms. Wander into the public park and find some of six hundred and fifty free roaming deer!

wedding confetti photo at Pembroke lodge

We have always tried to think creatively at every wedding as well as being ever ready to expertly cature those once in a lifetime spontaneous moments, which is why you can see one of the couples featured here is actually driving a Richmond Parks official vehicle. All you have to do is ask, who is going to refuse a confident photographer with a bride and groom in attendance?

Richmond park wedding image

Here is Pembroke Lodge’s official site that includes plenty of info of hosting London weddings: Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke lodge cappuccino drinking wedding shot

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Sign post at Pembroke lodge

wedding procession inside Pembroke lodge

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