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Well as we sit here editing the last two weekends weddings, we began to think why is it ten years on that we are still loving London weddings just as much as when we started. We think it began quite some time ago….in Camden and Islington to be precise. Camden for Joanna as this, along with Kentish Town, was where she grew up and went to school. For David, Islington and West Hampstead is where he lived after moving down from sunny Yorkshire, and it is London where three of our four children were born. I say “he” for David, but I David am actually writing this! I’m just never quite sure how to talk about myself and Joanna: third person, first person, who knows? I know I’m not a journalist or a novelist, but I have to keep writing blog posts to keep google interested in us! I’d like to be photographing weddings and nothing else but life on the internet dictates that wedding photographers must blog, it is one of the holy search engine commandments apparently. Anyway….before we became dedicated London wedding photographers a decade ago, we spent our weekends pushing prams around the city soaking up its sights i.e. museums, culture, architecture and history. Photographing our children against a great of this backdrop and then realising that perhaps we could think of a career change and not just have our offspring as subjects began the process! It’s not often that you can turn your hobby and passion into a business. So it transpired that David opened a portrait studio in north London first which was incredibly busy in 2006 to 2008, but we decided that wedding photography especially in and around London and the home counties was what really motivated us and satisfied us creatively. We had the pleasure (and still do occasionally) of being able to shoot fashion and commercial photography with well know and iconic brands, such as Ralph Lauren and De Beers Diamond Jewellers. There is something incredibly challenging but fulfilling documenting a couple’s love filled day in what we consider to be the greatest city on the planet. It’s exhilarating and its exhausting (we only feel it the next day though – phew…) and it is incredibly specialist being a London wedding photographer so many varied skills to learn, but that’s another blog post. And there we have it, a very potted history of the last ten years, a decade on and still loving London weddings.

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Now if your wedding day happens to be in Barnet or Kent or Hertfordshire or St Tropez we go there too, just so you know we are not completely London centric!

By David Green

Big Day Weddings

David and Joanna Green are Time Out recommended, award winning fulltime London wedding photographers. Mum and dad to four wonderful children and three family dogs. Lovers of all things photographic and wedding related. Covering Greater London and destination weddings in the UK and Europe.

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