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London Zoo Wedding Photographers

A long time ago before becoming London Zoo wedding photographers…..After David’s first visit to London Zoo at the age of seven he left with a plastic Rhino from the souvenir shop, which for a time was his favourite toy, he still has it, in fact it now belongs to his youngest son who is seven years old himself. Joanna, growing up as a little girl in London, often gazed longingly at the outside wall of the Zoo in Regents Park, wishing she was could be on the other side, looking at the animals rather than the flowerbeds around her (not that there was anything wrong with the flower beds…) More about this below.

Neither of us imagined that as adults today we would be returning most often as London Zoo wedding photographers, and not just parents taking our children there. Since the days of our childhoods the wonderful Victorian zoo has changed immensely (for instance the classic penguin pool of the 1960’s and featured below in a London Zoo wedding of ours is now a curiosity piece, and there’s no elephants anymore…oh well) One of the biggest changes of all is that you can now get married at London Zoo! What a wonderful chance for a memorable day, whether a couple are animal lovers or not.

Weddings at London Zoo September shot

Big Day Weddings with David and Joanna have been thrilled to photograph there, because it has combined our childhood love of the zoo with our passion for photography. There are many fantastic opportunities and iconic areas of the zoo for wonderful wedding photography – if you know what you are doing.  Knowing what you are doing at the zoo on a wedding day is crucial, because not only do you have to get incredible well taken shots and great natural expressions from your newlyweds, you have to manage crowds, and on a typical Friday or Saturday those crowds are large. Thankfully although starting out as rather shy children, we have turned into very confident wedding photographers! In the two sample shots below David literally “parted the red sea” at the penguin pool and reptile house, while Joanna kept the waiting crowds out of the shots and good humoured. Another benefit of having two photographers rather than one! So if you are looking at having your wedding at London Zoo or another unusual and original location like Tower Bridge, have a chat with us. We know how to get the best from a hustle and bustle London wedding, and not just the more genteel settings of the home counties (we like them too, particularly the fresh air…)

To see over 100 wedding images just click on the link here: GALLERIES OR just scroll through this blog, it’s full of images! By David Green.

Wedding couple penguin pool London Zoo

London Zoo Wedding Photographers

London Zoo reception and photography

London Z00 Wedding Photos and Packages Image

Photos London Zoo weddings

kissing photo at London Zoo

Wedding Photography London Zoo

Big Day Weddings

David and Joanna Green are Time Out recommended, award winning fulltime London wedding photographers. Mum and dad to four wonderful children and three family dogs. Lovers of all things photographic and wedding related. Covering Greater London and destination weddings in the UK and Europe.

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