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We think the most important fact to state straight away is that if we had to describe ourselves it would be first and foremost as London wedding photographers. We do what we love full time, usually six sometimes seven days a week. A lot of people may think wedding photographers only work at the weekend, we wish! It’s true that the vast majority of big days are either on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, but for the rest of the week we are busy editing and polishing our images, desiging wedding albums, or meeting with currently booked or potentially new couples.

London headshot photographers

However we do get requests for other work in the week, for instance as London headshot photographers. Now as long as we can, and it does not intefere with our busy wedding schedule, then a little bit of variety keeps us fresh and often gives us new ideas for our wedding photography.  We thought it would be interesting to show couples who may be browsing the website and on this blog some of the other types of images that we create.

London fashion wedding photographers

A lot of readers won’t know that David works with actors, directors and performers new and well known for headshots and profile images. Or that as Big Day Weddings we have done over twenty photo shoots for De Beers diamond merchants in the last three years, two jobs for Ralph Lauren, and have been product ambassadors for Motorola’s camera phone the Razr i. And no, we don’t use that particular device for any of our wedding shots!

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Joanna also gets requests for wedding boudoir shoots. This usually takes the form of tasteful fine art images that become a surprise gift for a brides new husband after the wedding day or on honeymoon. If this potential scenario has crossed your mind feel free to have a relaxed chat with Joanna and she can send you some sample images to show what can be achieved. If you are one of our present or potential wedding couples to work with, and need some quality shots with a difference, then have a chat with David about headshot and profile images.

Big day weddings fashion shot

Guardian newspaper journalist profile image

Of course if you don’t give a “monkeys” about any of this and just want to look at wedding related imagery only, no problem take a look here: GALLERIES OR just browse through the general blog, it’s full of them! Here’s a quick and convenient link to our London wedding collections and their prices: Pricing    

By David Green

Big Day Weddings

David and Joanna Green are Time Out recommended, award winning fulltime London wedding photographers. Mum and dad to four wonderful children and three family dogs. Lovers of all things photographic and wedding related. Covering Greater London and destination weddings in the UK and Europe.

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