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We love a quirky wedding venue, almost as much as we enjoy a challenge. Especially a Clapton County Club Wedding in one of London’s great alternative and unique wedding spaces, and it perfectly complemented the vibe and values of brides D & M.

Clapton Country Club wedding ceremony black and white image

Clapton Country Club used to be a tram depot and all throughout its different spaces there’s was evidence of its former role. D & M told us they wanted photographers experienced with urban and quirky weddings and plenty of creativity when we originally spoke, and we were delighted to give them exactly what they wanted and then some ๐Ÿ™‚ Not your home counties stately home big day for these two!

Clapton Country Club wedding prep collage one

Two brides and dresses Clapton Country Club wedding

Clapton Country Club Wedding prep first look collage

David had built a rapport with both through zoom and a very enjoyable engagement shoot in Shoreditch central London. Here’s a link to that shoot:ย Shoreditch Engagement Shoot, inner London photography

Clapton Country Club Wedding collage one

A new challenge for us as photographers was the fact that both brides were profoundly deaf, and so were ninety percent of the wedding guests plus the two videographers.

Clapton Country Club Wedding Ceremony Collage one

In truth, through communicating through a bit of universal sign language and skilled lip-reading on D & M’s behalf made everything a pleasure. In fact, I for one (David) hardly thought about it throughout the day, and it ultimately made no difference whatsoever, which is of course how it should be!

Clapton Country Club wedding ceremony holding hands

Clapton Country Club Wedding Ceremony collage two

End of Clapton Country Club wedding ceremony London

Our day started with both brides getting ready in a lovely hired Airbnb loft space five minutes away from the venue. Although they saw each one another on the morning, neither had seen the other in their respective wedding dresses, and it was a fantastic moment to document their first look and embrace in the loft.

Clapton Country Club wedding ceremony collage three

First kiss at Clapton Country Club wedding ceremony

A swift walk with cameras and equipment through the streets of Clapton lead us to the Country Club to get some establishing shots and into the wonderfully titled “Department of Life” which is used for wedding ceremonies. Full of urban chic and good looking well chosen tat ๐Ÿ™‚

Wedding recessional at Clapton Country Club London two brides

A great ceremony followed, with sign language interpreters so everyone totally understood, including D & M, what was being said by the registrars, interspersed with much love and laughter. A totally unique and moving half an hour or so.

Two brides at Clapton Country Club wedding London 2

Two brides laughing at Clapton CountryClub wedding in London

When the big deed was finished and that magical first kiss as newly weds was done, we had a little time around the venue during the drinks reception to get some couple shots before some more structured pics of friends and family. Not forgetting of course an exuberant confetti throw in the road and yard space of the club. One thing to bear in mind if you are planning on booking this fantastic space, is that it is a working space with some other businesses around. That’s why we couldn’t get those cars out of some of our shots!

Clapton Country Club Wedding confetti throw collage

Clapton Country Club confetti throw image London

Clapton Country Club Wedding reception collage one

The Country Club’s largest internal area is called…wait for it…Clapton Country Club! In this chic industrial space D & M had their brilliant reception. It’s also used for ceremonies too if there’s more people than the Department of Life can hold, or the couple favour it. We’ve put some images of it shot from the balcony to give a sense of this excellent space.

Two brides black roller doors Clapton Country Club wedding London

Clapton Country Club Wedding reception collage one

Clapton Country Club Wedding reception collage two

Two brides sitting at Clapton Country Club wedding reception

Entrance of two brides Clapton Country Club wedding reception

Food, speeches, laughter and then a lovely first dance where D & M romantically signed the words to each other, set the tone for the rest of a fabulous evening. We particularly enjoyed their sparklers at dusk. But most of all we enjoyed working with a simply brilliant couple and lovely crowd of friends and family. It felt a privilege to be part of their very big day ๐Ÿ™‚

Clapton Country Club Wedding Reception speeches collage

Clapton Country Club wedding reception venue London

Clapton Country Club Wedding Reception collage four

Clapton Country Club Wedding cake dancing and sparklers collage

Two brides and sparklers at Clapton Country Club wedding

Congratulations to the both of you, and thank you Clapton Country Club for your hospitality and professionalism throughout the day!!!

Clapton Country Club wedding day two brides laugh image

By David Green – The man, the myth, the legend. I just wrote that bit because I’m convinced everyone just looks at the pics rather than reads the words all the way to the end ๐Ÿ˜‰

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