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Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding sparklers with bride and groom kiss two

Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Day, best in history ;-)

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We love a Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding, and we’ve done a fair few! As a London based wedding photographer there are certain venues we particularly looked forward to being booked for, and Trinity Buoy Wharf is definitely on our personal Top 10. We won’t say where on the ten, but it certainly the upper half! In fact we can’t see anything not to like.

Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding couple in lighthouse at night 1
I (David) grew up opposite a lighthouse, complete with a very loud fog horn on cold misty nights, and distinctive flashing beams lighting up my bedroom warning incoming ships.

Bridal prep for Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding

Bride arrives in car for Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding

I mention lighthouses because one of the great things about the wharf is that it has London’s only lighthouse. Built in 1864 it was famously used by renowned scientist Michael Faraday and served as an experimental place to test lights and other things, rather than guide boats on the Thames! I bet he never guessed his innovations would be used in a Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding…

Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding day collage one

Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding ceremony wide shot

Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding ceremony close shot

Bride cries reading vows Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding ceremony

First kiss at Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding ceremony


Wedding recessional at Trinity Buoy Wharf ceremony

It’s a fantastic place like the rest of Trinity Buoy Wharf, and when we were booked by C and L I knew they would have an epic day. I also knew that as well because the venue team, the wedding planners, caterers and outside suppliers are always top notch.

Confetti throw at Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding

Photography opportunities abound at the venue with many quirky buildings and views of the Thames. This big day was a little different from our usual experiences though.

Bride and groom walk on pier at Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding day

For a start it was later in the day and in November, so darkness fell pretty quickly. Also, instead of the drinks reception being at Trinity itself the couple had booked a two hour Thames round trip cruise as a special treat. It was great but a little choppy, and I did start feeling a little motion sick looking through the camera viewfinders while we were bobbing up and down 😊

Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding couple kiss on Thames cruise

Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding Thames cruise collage

Bride and groom walk towards Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding

Our day started at The Stratford Hotel where C and her bridesmaids were getting, ready which was about a 15 minute drive from Trinity Buoy Wharf. On then to L at the venue and his organising and greeting of the guests.

Bride and bridesmaids at Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding

C arrived in a nice vintage Rolls Royce with her dad and then on to her ceremony with L. It was a humanist wedding ceremony conducted by fantastic celebrant Anna Thirkettle.

Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding couple hug in lighthouse

Trinity Buoy Wharf bride and groom look out from lighthouse to Thames

Photo looking into lighthouse Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding couple

Straight after we had a confetti throw with all the guests and then straight on to our boat. Lots of classic reportage and good ‘in the moment’ photography followed (plus my sea sickness, not…) and a little window of opportunity in a small area at the back of the boat to get some couple shots, with Thames views and Greenwich Old Naval College in the background. Kind of made me think of Venice, which I’ve had the great pleasure of visiting a few times.

Trinity Buoy Wedding reception collage one

Wedding sparklers at Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding

Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding sparklers with bride and groom kiss two

When we returned to Trinity Buoy Wharf for the wedding reception nightfall had come, but there was still 15 to 20 minutes time built in for ourselves and the couple to do some images at the very top of the lighthouse, which as every time I’ve been there before, I loved!
Thing is, I’ve never seen shots of it done with a wedding couple in the dark before. However we always like to push the envelope and I enjoyed the challenge, and I’m very happy with the results and the variety of shots produced.

Cake eating ceremony at Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding reception

As well as all the usual candid and documentary shots we provide during the day and night, we love to give couples some images that are different, quirky stand out images, something that may not have been done before in a familiar venue. Almost as a conversation piece, and if it doesn’t take too long, why not!?

First dance image from Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding reception

Trinity Buoy Wedding Reception collage two

A great day shifted towards the wedding breakfast, full of amusing and emotional speeches, and some scrummy food courtesy of the street vendors brought in. Brilliant pizzas, and tasty crepes a bit later.

Fifteen minute of organized madness saw us all go outside, and me organize a sparklers shot with the O2 in the background. Great fun.

First dance was to C and L’s choice of live band: The Soundouts who I thought were phenomenal, and then it was time for some serious partying by the Thames.

Another fantastic wedding day for us at Trinity Buoy Wharf and thank you to C and L for being such a brilliant couple!
Supplier List:
Ever fab venue: @trinitybuoywharfweddings
Event Coordinators & Suppliers: @theweddingarrangers (thanks Harriet)
Food & Drinks: @londonweddingbars
Street Food: @chew_that_events
Wedding Dress @sassiholfordbridal
Cinematographer: @confetti_and_silk_films
Celebrant – Anna @gentlerebelceremonies
Light up stuff: @vowedandamazed

Band: The Soundouts: Function and Wedding Band in Kent, Essex & London | The Soundouts

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By David Green

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Wedding at The Ivy London bride and groom image

Fitzrovia Chapel Wedding Westminster & reception at The Ivy London

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We love a Fitzrovia Chapel wedding. One of the best things about photographing in London and the home counties is the sheer variety of venues. We appreciate that, it helps keep us fresh and is a challenge we always relish. For E & R’s special day they chose three iconic spots in central London.

Wedding couple kiss outside The Ivy central London image

The day started with E getting ready at The Dorchester just off Park Lane central London, a venue we have been very happy to work in many times. A very relaxed start there and a chance to get to know mum and dad a little and of course the maid of honour and bridesmaids.

Bride getting makeup The Dorchester Hotel London

Wedding dress hanging The Dorchester Hotel London

Bride in wedding dress The Dorchester Hotel London

A fairly short convoy cab ride away, beating bride and dad to the church, we arrived at the ever amazing Fitzrovia Chapel in Pearson Square.

Groom waits for bride Fitzrovia Chapel wedding Westminster London

Bride arrives at Fitzrovia Chapel Wedding ceremony Westminster London

Fitzrovia Chapel in Westminster for those who haven’t been looks to my eye (David) something that could be in Vatican City Rome, it really is that impressive and golden inside!

Bride arrives with father Fitzrovia Chapel Wedidng London

First look Fitzrovia Chapel Wedding ceremony London

It was built between 1891 – 2 but work with the interiors didn’t fully finish until 1929. Well at least there was something positive about 1929 considering it was the year of the great Wall Street stock market crash and the beginning of the Depression era!

Fitzrovia Chapel Wedding ceremony Westminster London

It’s gothic, it beautiful, you can record songs there, fashion shoots, art exhibitions, performances you name it and of course you can get married too in its vaulted splendour. A real hidden gem in Westminster central London.

First Kiss at Fitzrovia Chapel Wedding London

Photograph there in winter and you have to make an artistic choice, discreet soft flash or purely ambient. Purely ambient is pretty easy though we’ve seen quite a lot of previous wedding coverage there that is very dark and not particularly flattering, so diffused flash became the order of the day and worked very well.

Wedding recessional at Fitzrovia Chapel Westminster London

Bride and groom outside Fitzrovia Chapel Westminster London

Especially love the moment E comes through the arches with Dad, and R’s anticipation moments before. The registrars for the ceremony we knew, they really are a great team in Westminster, and thank you to the helpful staff on hand at Fitzrovia Chapel itself.

Bride and groom hold hands Fitzrovia Chapel Wedding

Afterwards there was a short drinks reception we used as a chance to get ten minutes outside with the newly weds for some shots, and then it was time to make our way to one of London’s most famous and iconic restaurant The Ivy.

Wedding couple walk through Westminster London

What to say about The Ivy. Well we have both photographed and dined there many times. It is probably one of the most famous celebrity frequented restaurants London has. Starting in 1917 as an Italian Café it morphed over time into a restaurant frequented by some of the most famous actors of the day from Sir Lawrence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Sir John Gielgud, Noel Coward and many many others in it’s history. It’s in the heart of theatreland, beautifully decorated and you cannot see in from the outside which David thinks is one of it’s biggest assets: privacy.

Wedding at The Ivy London bride and groom image

It’s also a fantastic place for a small to medium sized wedding reception. The first floor (we’ve worked at the top as well) is beautiful with a bar, socializing and dining area.

The Ivy Wedding Reception London Collage

E & R arranged a fantastic three piece jazz band that kept the evening swinging, through another drinks reception, the wedding breakfast, first dance and beyond. It was a special ambience, great staff as well as fantastic guests all combining to make it a very memorable Ivy wedding reception.

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By David Green

Bride and groom messing around at Shoreditch wedding by graffiti

Eight Club Wedding in Moorgate and Shoreditch

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There’s something endlessly fascinating about the streets of central London. It’s not just the rich history of our capital, it’s the architecture, it’s the energy and the sheer variety of what is around us. Whenever we work there for a wedding day we remain  equally motivated and fascinated by this environment.

When we spoke with V and B we were as ever excited to be working in iconic areas, and this time it was to be Shoreditch and Moorgate, which had a lot of both personal and professional history for them.

Wedding dress hanging at Montcalm Hotel in London

Bridal preparation Montcalm Hotel London

Bride's face in mirror Montcalm Hotel wedding

The day was to start at B’s local pub with the boys at the Old Blue Last on Great Eastern Street, and a bit of fun in a few places around the block. The Old Blue Last has a very colourful history, including being a formal brothel, site of a theatre Shakespeare hung out at and is now a vibrant music venue too.

Groomsmen on bikes in Shoreditch wedding morning

V and her bridesmaids were getting ready at the Montcalm Hotel in Finsbury Square. Joanna started there and I joined her after a while.

Bride and bridesmaids outside Eight Club Shoreditch wedding

Bride near Eight Club Moorgate wedding

The venue foe the ceremony, wedding breakfast and reception was the rather fabulous Eight Club Moorgate. A lovely members club with fine dining, private meeting rooms and large airy modern spaces with terraces around making it a special place to host a wedding ceremony and reception.

Bride and groom in aisle at Eight Club wedding ceremony

V and B chose a celebrant to host their ceremony and to make it meaningfully personalised for them, and we have to say she did an excellent job.

Bride groom and bubbles inside Eight Club Moorgate wedding

Their recessional was played out to bubbles from the guests and Sucker for You by The Jonas Brothers. I have to admit to being a little bit of a sucker for that track myself.

Bridal party walking through Shoreditch wedding streets

Whilst the guests enjoyed their drinks reception on the sunlit terraces of Eight Club, we took to the surrounding streets of Moorgate and Shoreditch to do some shots once again in places that had memories and meaning for the couple.

Shoreditch wedding couple kiss on graffiti filled steps

In my opinion that’s the best kind of wedding day, one that is filled with relevance and meaning to the couple themselves. While a country mansion is great too, unless it was your ancestral l home (!!!!) I don’t think it could resonate quite the same way.

Wedding party by graffiti in Shoreditch London

The wedding breakfast and speeches were in the stylish Quartier restaurant level of the club, while the upstairs bar and terrace areas were readied for the first dance and evening partying.

Eight Club Wedding Collage

All in all a great day, and a special mention to the staff of Eight Club Moorgate who were great throughout the ceremony, reception and party.

By David Green