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The last few years balloons to enhance a wedding day and as a photographic prop have become increasingly popular. To be honest wedding photographers love them, well we do for sure!

couple with balloons on their central London wedding day

What it does is give us interesting options for photos that otherwise wouldn’t be there. Bouquets are great of course, but balloons allow both the bride and groom to hold on to something during a shoot, and subliminally we believe they actually help relax them. Now we are pretty good as it is at making our wedding couples feel at ease, but having a prop is always useful.

wedding couple kiss in London Islington doorway

Reading actors biographies they say that they often make use of props to help them in their performances. It literally gives them something to do! Michael Caine is a fine example of this. Next time you watch him on screen, notice how many times he uses an object in the scene while he is acting.

Wedding at Silverware on the lake Woking

Now there is one golden rule for wedding balloons and that is to make sure they are helium filled. That way they will float upwards of their own accord, otherwise, well they just look a bit silly and floppy! It sounds obvious, but we have witnessed the occasional disappointing wedding balloon.

Couple with balloons on Upper Street crossing at Islington Town Hall wedding

Featured here are some recent weddings from this year and last that made good use of balloons for the couples. Links to these lovely London and home counties wedding days on the blog are featured at the end of this post.

Devonshire Terrace wedding photographer

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Best Italian wedding in Woking!

Islington Town Hall Wedding

wedding couple laugh inside Asia House with balloons

By David Green

newlyweds turn round for photo on Islington footpath

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