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Woburn scultpure gallery wedding

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On the borders of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire a Woburn sculpture gallery wedding is a grade one listed affair in every sense. The listed building is part of the Woburn estate which includes the deer and safari park, Woburn abbey, gardens and gallery itself.
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laughter at Woburn sculpture gallery
There is a concept that many people will be familiar with which is “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” which suggests that any two people on planet earth are probably six or fewer links apart from each other. Well wedding photography often feels this way! We loved photographing Nicola and Guy’s wedding at Woburn Sculpture Gallery for many reasons, but one of the greatest was that we could say “hi” to so many people we had met at previous weddings who were friends and family of the couple. Do what you do with passion, flair and integrity and people will talk, the best advertising there is in our opinion.

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Nicola and Guy living in Hertfordshire loved the grandeur and also variety of character that Woburn and it’s extensive grounds had to offer. Although the morning and early afternoon started with grey skies and heavy downpours, by the time the drinks and canopies were served the sky had cleared and the sun made a welcome return. As we said to the couple beforehand, rain followed by dryness or sunshine can give a more vivid and characterful look to buildings and foliage. So never to worry about the weather. Never believed Alanis Morissette when she sang it was “ironic” if it rained on your wedding day. And if that rain doesn’t stop, umbrella shots can look fantastic anyway, see some examples is our wedding galleries here: Wedding Galleries

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The Sculpture gallery at Woburn was built in 1790 and can accommodate up to 248 guests. For a wedding breakfast the internals are some of the most beautiful and dramatic we have seen, with a purpose built dance floor and space for the head table in a grand centre circle. At either end of the gallery are some dramatic conversation pieces in their own right. One is a pillared temple entrance. while the other is a fantastic alcove with a large spot lit statue of the god Apollo inside. This is where the wedding cake was strategically placed, and for a post about this particular cake there is a post on the blog you can read here: Wedding Cake Woburn

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Planning a Woburn sculpture gallery wedding? Then take a look a the official Woburn website here: Woburn Weddings

woburn sculpture gallery wedding breakfast room

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