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St Bartholomew the great

St Pauls Cathedral wedding photographer couple pose outside photo

London Church Weddings, to home counties and beyond!

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London church weddings, we love them! Well any church wedding, although about fifty percent of all ceremonies we cover today are also in licensed and interesting civil venues. We love them too of course!

The reason we thought about writing about church services around the capital and home counties, is because we were asked recently to show a couple at a meeting some extra wedding images taken in churches. They were concerned about available light levels and where would their clergy allow photographers to shoot. The images in this piece were lifted from recent blog posts and were what we showed our couple to answer their questions. They actually booked us there and then.


Needless to say after ten years of fantastic experiences with wedding photography from St Pancras to St Paul’s to St Tropez (yes we have done them all) we are very well versed with capturing beautiful imagery in churches whatever the light levels and position we find ourselves in.

As every wedding day is different, so is every church and it’s clergy that we work with. Some vicars and priests are very relaxed with little restriction on what a photographer can and can’t do. Others have a very clear set of rules and some of whom send us them before the big day. We generally aim to find out well in advance so that we can plan, and we are always very respectful in the midst of a wedding ceremony.

Enfield church wedding shot

We are mindful that a wedding service is an incredibly special and intimate moment for both the couple and their friends and family. Wherever possible we photograph from a distance and put our cameras into silent or semi silent mode.



It’s very important at this time to be as unobtrusive as possible. For the couple this part of the day passes so fast that the photos of what actually happened become even more critical to reliving the moment that their commitment to each other became a “real” marriage.


Italian Wedding CeremonyBride-walks-down-the-aisle-at-Hampstead-wedding

Some of the most important shots to capture well at any church wedding are the brides processional and the the corresponding recessional at the end of the newly weds. The exchange of rings, that first glance when the groom sees his bride to be, and of course the first kiss as man and wife are essential too.


Featured images here are London church weddings as diverse as St Paul’s Cathedral, The Italian Church Clerkenwell, St Bartholomew The Great, Southwark Cathedral, St George’s Cathedral, Shoreditch Church, St Sophia’s Greek Cathedral in Bayswater, Farm Street Church Mayfair, St Stephen’s Hampstead and many many more.

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By David Green

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wedding by Smithfield market image

Smithfield Wedding Photographer

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Smithfield wedding photographer

At our first meeting when Vicki and James told us they were getting married in Smithfield we were excited for them and for us too, as it has been a favourite area for Joanna and myself to wander round and discover for years on a day off, usually ending with lunch at the Barbican. As a Smithfield wedding photographer, if you know the area, you will be aware of its rich and varied history, and not always a pleasant one at that!

wedding couple in Smithfield London

Although this early afternoon wedding was full of love and laughter, the area used to be along with Tyburn (near Marble Arch) the main area for public executions in days gone by! Among many famous people William Wallace met his end here, dramatised of course by the film Braveheart. On to lighter matters, for Vicki and James their day began and finished at the Andaz Hotel by Liverpool Street Station. More of that another day another blog post…

St Barts wedding photo London

Joanna took a Routemaster bus to Smithfield with the groom and all the guests, while I (David) stayed with Vicki and the bridesmaids for the final preparations and then caught a cab to the wedding venue. The ceremony itself was held in the incredible and atmospheric Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great, also known as Great St Barts. It is one of the oldest practicing churches in England and the setting for the fourth wedding in the Hugh Grant and co film “Four Weddings and a Funeral.”

London routemaster wedding bus at Smithfield market

After the service and some requested formal/informal family photos the guests re boarded the Routemaster bus back to the Andaz, while we went for a short walk about with the newlyweds. Of course Smithfield is best known for its market through the centuries, and the present building and starting point for us was the Sir Horace Jones designed buildings of 1868. The rest of our time was spent walking, talking, photographing and laughing through the surrounding streets before we all got a cab together back to Liverpool Street.

St Bartholomew the great wedding Smithfield

Take a look at our related post for Devonshire Terrace here: Devonshire Terrace Wedding Photographer as it’s only moments away from the Andaz at Liverpool Street. If you fancy having a wedding ceremony to remember then check out the official website for the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great, i.e Great St Barts here: Great St Barts

Laughter at Great St Barts wedding

By David Green


Just got htis email through from Vicki and James: “Hi David and Joanna, the photos look amazing. Brought back all the emotion of the day, it was such a perfect day for both of us. It’s going to be hard to pick our favourites for the album.”