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London Gherkin wedding kiss black and white image

Gherkin Wedding Photographer

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Nicola and Ankush’s London Gherkin Wedding and celebration

To be a Gherkin wedding photographer we think you probably need something of a head for heights. Reason being that if you really want to get those shots of the vows and grand entrance, you are going to have to stand behind the safety barrier and take in those wonderful views behind you and the sheer drop below to 30 St Mary Axe and central London street level! Joanna took another wider vantage point toward the back of the room as you can see from the black and white kissing shot. One of the many benefits of having two photographers, literally for the outlay of one.


Our brief was to start half an hour before the civil ceremony on floor thirty nine of the Gherkin. Security took quite some time to give us clearance but we were of course there in good time to document Nicky’s finishing touches, and Kush’s meet and greet. After a lovely ceremony myself and Joanna spent time with the newlyweds on the top floor taking photos of themselves and family. Despite the pounding rain and failing light we were all very pleased with the shots, and we used all our experience to get the best possible images as we always do.

Traditional London Indian wedding

A traditional Indian gift giving ceremony then ensued followed by two sets of speeches. Food was brought out in a seemingly endless procession by the fantastic catering team. Dancing and music was courtesy of Rajj Ke Desi DJ and singer Pargan Bhandal, find out about them here: Rajj Desi

Indian wedding at the Gherkin

We have enjoyed watching the rise of the London Gherkin building as it has become known, ever since construction began in 2001. Finished by 2003, it officially opened in 2004 at 30 St Mary Axe. It was built on the site of the old Baltic Exchange and was designed by architects Foster and Partners, the firm of well known designer Norman Foster. It stands an impressive 180 metres tall and is spread across forty one floors. The event space on the top tiers is handled by the excellent Searcys: Searcys The Gherkin who incidentally also look after the St Pancras Grand where we have photographed another wedding recently. See our related blog post here: London St Pancras Wedding

By David Green