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Regents Park

London-wedding-couple-pose-sat-in-bus stop

Intimate Weddings at Old Marylebone Town Hall

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Here’s a very recent small intimate and covid friendly wedding at London’s iconic Old Marylebone Town Hall. This June wedding was shot by myself David, as there was just seven people involved and to be as unobtrusive as possible.  I had a great time with this bunch of very positive people, and huge congratulations to Valentina and James for tying the knot 🙂

Bride crossing road to Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding

Bride outside Old Marylebone Town Hall with wedding bouquet

Both of these guys work in the bus and transportation industry in Oxford, and decided to come down to the “big smoke” to have their ceremony in a town hall that has hosted more famous weddings than perhaps any other single venue in London.

Bride and groom hold hands during wedding ceremony Old Marylebone Town Hall

Bride laughs during Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding ceremony

Exchange of rings Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding ceremony

First kiss Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding ceremony

My first sight of Valentina was crossing the busy Marylebone Road with two of her guests, having stayed the night at The Landmark Hotel. Time for James to get inside and speak with the registrars!

Bride and groom walk through Old Marylebone Town Hall corridor

Wedding couple on balcony inside Old Marylebone Town Hall

Bride and groom walk down stairs Old Marylebone Town Hal wedding

What I usually do in these situations is start documenting the scene, ie: buildings, room if possible, details etc, then the arrival of groom and anyone that is with them, until the bride arrives. Usually I get a minute or two to get some shots before she too has a pre ceremony chat with the registrars.

Confetti throw Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding

Much as I like the staff at Old Marylebone Town Hall, they are friendly and efficient, but in my humble opinion a little too efficient at times. I get the least amount of time allocated in the building of any London registry, on average 3 minutes after a ceremony in the corridors and stairs. I know they are very busy, but…not that busy. Ok I’ve said it, I know plenty of other photographers who feel the same, they won’t say it though, not publicly!

Bride and groom together after Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding

Speaking of ceremonies, this was one of the most affectionate and love filled I’ve seen in a long time, and I’ve documented a lot! Valentina also had the most wonderful and infectious laughter too, which was a joy to capture.

Bride and groom kiss by lion statue Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding

New bride and groom walk past Old Marylebone Town Hall after wedding

Afterwards I used my three minutes inside with the newlyweds at fairly high speed. I work fast anyway and it certainly kept the energy levels up.

Bride and groom hold hands by roller doors Old Marylebone Town Hall

Outside on the famous Old Marylebone Town Hall steps it was time for confetti in super bright sunshine. So many times I’ve heard guests at weddings say that they think the personal photos they are taking will be better in sunshine. Well, while we all love sunshine, it usually makes people squint and…let’s just say it’s not that flattering to many skin tones. I noted the sun was going in and out fairly rapidly, so after a few group shots I asked if there was any confetti left, and everyone enjoyed another throw in what is known in photographic speak as “open shade” and so much better!

Bride and groom on wedding day Regents Park bridge London

My coverage for this was at my minimum two hours, so we had plenty of time to walk towards Regents Park and get some shots there. As is my usual style anything on the way that looks interesting we used for shot variety and some fun. Roller doors, bus stops iron railings and general walking shots. I’ve also included an image with a happy cyclist riding past, I spied her out of the corner of my eye and definitely wanted to include her for a more funky take on a fairly traditional shot.

Cyclist rides past bride and groom Regents Park bridge London

I celebrated a little with the couple afterwards in the park, and then got on my horse and road off into the sunset for the day.

Bride and groom by log in Regents Park London

One week later I was able to send them just under 600 edit images for a permanent reminder of a really fun time. Congratulations to Valentina and James and their super wedding at Old Marylebone Town Hall!!!!!

London-wedding-couple-pose-sat-in-bus stop

By David Green

Landmark Hotel wedding photographer

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The other weekend as a Landmark hotel wedding photographer, we had the great pleasure of not only working with a lovely couple and all their friends and family but also some great wedding related suppliers. There are some fantastic people working in the wedding and event industry, and we wanted to highlight a couple that we have worked with recently, namely Perry’s the Wedding Company, a high quality long established planning and event management team (links at the end of the post) and a great cinematographer in John of De Rienzo Films, who we’ve worked with previously.

Italian wedding London preparation shot

This particular celebration was a very Italian affair as both bride and groom Giulia and Antonio were of Roman descent. We had got to know these love birds (more on love birds and doves later…) a lot better for doing an engagement shoot with them a few months before. In fact we were delighted to see all those shots reproduced in the main signing book for guests at the reception.

St Peters Italian church wedding

St Peters Italian church wedding image 2

Speaking of wedding receptions this was held at the world renowned Landmark Hotel in Marylebone for three hundred guests, impeccably handled by Errol and the two Tony’s from Perrys, and of course the hotel itself. The Landmark used to be called The Great Central Hotel and was opened in 1899. It boasts a fantastic inner courtyard and three hundred rooms and suites.

Doves at St Peters Italian church

The wedding ceremony was at St Peters Italian Church in Clerkenwell which was built especially for the Italian immigrant population of the time in the mid 19th century. A grand affair befitting a grand Italian Landmark wedding. Newly married and showered in rice, Giulia and Antonio then released two white doves followed by a whole basket full released by all the bridesmaids.

Italian wedding Regents Park London

London Bride in Regents Park

Before travelling to the reception we went for a short trip to Regents Park, and shot some classic couple shots which is what the couple wanted and valued. We never forget that wedding photography is a service industry and we must give people what the want, and then exceed their expectations.  As we mention in other parts of the website: David and Joanna whether it is quality reportage, quirky or more traditional, or a little bit of everything we love to get it the way our couples want it.

Landmark Hotel wedding photographer

Italian Bride and groom in Regents Park

Find out about Perrys Wedding Company here: Perrys and De Rienzo Films here: De Rienzo Films

See Giulia and Antonio’s London engagement shoot here: Engagement Shoot Trent Park North London

Outside Landmark hotel wedding

wedding at the Landmark Hotel image 2

By David Green