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Great St Barts

Andaz Hotel London wedding shot

London Andaz Hotel wedding photographer

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Vicky and James at Liverpool Street’s Andaz

One of the things we love to do when preparing for a wedding is to find out the story and history behind the places we photograph in.

In an earlier blog post: Smithfield Wedding Photographer we featured the first part of the day for Vicky and James’s Smithfield wedding. However, the day actually began and ended at Liverpool Street’s Andaz hotel. We are no strangers to a hotel that started life in 1884 as the Great Eastern Hotel. As London Andaz  Hotel wedding photographers we enjoy the fact that writer Bram Stoker set a part of his classic novel Dracula at the hotel. Vampire slayer Van Helsing stays there when he visits the capital. There are also two incredible Masonic lodges hidden inside the hotel, and depending on the size of your wedding and requirements, at least one of them is available for hire.

Wedding in masonic temple Andaz hotel London

London routemaster wedding bus at Smithfield market

Both Vicky and James began their day at the Andaz, with James and groomsmen grabbing a last minute beer in the bar before boarding their London route master bus to Smithfield market and their church the famous and iconic Great St Barts featured in “Four weddings and a funeral.” Joanna took the bus while I stayed with Vicky through her final preparations and then caught a black cab with the bridesmaids to the church.

London Andaz Hotel wedding photographer

Laughter at Great St Barts wedding

In our time at the Andaz we used plenty of different lighting styles and techniques. For drama we spot lit the couple on many occasions and it just so happens in many of our personal favourites the newly weds were kissing. However that’s a pretty natural occurrence on such a love fuelled day. We had to compromise our vision a little in the masonic temple as it had been set up for a function with a large table in the centre where ideally we wanted to shoot from.

Wedding shadows at London Andaz image

We always make sure we get plenty of shot variety at every wedding, not just with the couple but with guests and all those once only moments. Usually it is in a naturalistic but stylish documentary style, but we do like to direct a little at times to get that something extra special or unusual to share and treasure for the future.

For more images of Smithfield, The Andaz Hotel and iconic London and Home Counties weddings take a look at any of our wedding galleries here: Wedding Galleries or altenatively give us a call or email to set up a face to face relaxed meeting and see first hand for yourselves. We love to hear about couples’ plans for their big day!

By David Green


wedding by Smithfield market image

Smithfield Wedding Photographer

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Smithfield wedding photographer

At our first meeting when Vicki and James told us they were getting married in Smithfield we were excited for them and for us too, as it has been a favourite area for Joanna and myself to wander round and discover for years on a day off, usually ending with lunch at the Barbican. As a Smithfield wedding photographer, if you know the area, you will be aware of its rich and varied history, and not always a pleasant one at that!

wedding couple in Smithfield London

Although this early afternoon wedding was full of love and laughter, the area used to be along with Tyburn (near Marble Arch) the main area for public executions in days gone by! Among many famous people William Wallace met his end here, dramatised of course by the film Braveheart. On to lighter matters, for Vicki and James their day began and finished at the Andaz Hotel by Liverpool Street Station. More of that another day another blog post…

St Barts wedding photo London

Joanna took a Routemaster bus to Smithfield with the groom and all the guests, while I (David) stayed with Vicki and the bridesmaids for the final preparations and then caught a cab to the wedding venue. The ceremony itself was held in the incredible and atmospheric Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great, also known as Great St Barts. It is one of the oldest practicing churches in England and the setting for the fourth wedding in the Hugh Grant and co film “Four Weddings and a Funeral.”

London routemaster wedding bus at Smithfield market

After the service and some requested formal/informal family photos the guests re boarded the Routemaster bus back to the Andaz, while we went for a short walk about with the newlyweds. Of course Smithfield is best known for its market through the centuries, and the present building and starting point for us was the Sir Horace Jones designed buildings of 1868. The rest of our time was spent walking, talking, photographing and laughing through the surrounding streets before we all got a cab together back to Liverpool Street.

St Bartholomew the great wedding Smithfield

Take a look at our related post for Devonshire Terrace here: Devonshire Terrace Wedding Photographer as it’s only moments away from the Andaz at Liverpool Street. If you fancy having a wedding ceremony to remember then check out the official website for the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great, i.e Great St Barts here: Great St Barts

Laughter at Great St Barts wedding

By David Green


Just got htis email through from Vicki and James: “Hi David and Joanna, the photos look amazing. Brought back all the emotion of the day, it was such a perfect day for both of us. It’s going to be hard to pick our favourites for the album.”