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Burgh House wedding

Hampstead Wedding Photographer

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Hampstead Wedding Photographer

There is no denying that Hampstead is a great place to live, work and visit. We should know as we have done all three of those things over the years. As a Hampstead wedding photographer we love the look, variety and history of the place.

Hampstead wedding photographer

So as well as eating drinking and sleeping there at various points in our lives, we are regularly walking our dogs and children across the heath and around Kenwood House.   Kenwood, Burgh House (off New End) or one of the boroughs varied churches and hotels are greatplaces for a Hampstead wedding ceremony or reception.

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Hampstead wedding view photo

There are also some lovely hidden spots for those special couple focused wedding shots. If you can spare twenty to twenty-five minutes during the wedding day timetable then we can use our experience and creativity to work our magic. We have included shots from a typical example of this in the blog post, all of which were photographed in Hampstead.  

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To see over 100 wedding images just click on the link here: GALLERIES OR just scroll through this blog, it’s full of images!

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If you are interested in booking a Hampstead wedding photographer and hiring a fantastic looking venue then you may wish to take a look at Kenwood House or Burgh House through the two following links: Kenwood and Burgh House

A little bit of history: Hampstead has always been home to artists, actors, musicians and the well healed of London. In fact now Hampstead apparently has more millionaires per square metre than anywhere else in the United Kingdom. However the price of a coffee in Hampstead village is still very reasonable, unlike Saint Tropez where we did a wedding recently! The wonderful heath is one of the largest and most beautiful open spaces in London and along with the village has been the location for countless films including American Werewolf in London and Notting Hill.

By Author – David Green