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bridal prep

In the beginning…

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Starting your big day with David & Joanna London Wedding Photographers

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“Getting ready”…”bridal prep”…these are just a couple of the often used phrases to describe that time when a bride is gearing up for her wedding day. But as any bride will tell you, that getting ready started months, sometimes years ago,  and the usual descriptions don’t do justice to the sense of “anticipation in the preparation” she will be feeling (we like that phrase especially as it rhymes!) Groom too of course…

West Lodge Wedding morning

It’s often quite a hustle and bustle time with all kinds of people arriving, family, bridesmaids, chauffeurs, lovely London wedding photographers like David and Joanna….as well as everything that “getting ready” really entails: makeup, hair, flowers arriving, gazing towards your dress hanging up, a trillion other things and then finally getting into it, usually surrounded by bridesmaids and mum partaking in the final big “button up”


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Two things we feel are relevant to this part of the big day: firstly, it is our duty to capture all of this well and with artistry. Of course that’s a given, and we make sure we bring a combination of cameras and lenses to capture all the different flavours. Secondly, and also very important, is that we have a calming effect on the proceedings. We have been part of a large number of wedding days, and our goal is to add to the day with our experience. We work hard on your behalf, but we are calm relaxed people amid the organised chaos of the build up before the ceremony. This effect is contagious! We are your allies, and the more happy and relaxed you are, the better you will look in your photos.




Best not to foget the lovely bridesmaids – wherever they may be!


It’s always good to get your tensions out of the way before leading your friends down the aisle….

Below shows a typical choice you have as far as how to display your images. Black and white often looks great for those “prep shots” and ceremony too, but as the example below shows it’s a positive problem choosing, because both look great.


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By David Green